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Workshop 2019 on Latest Technologies

What can be better than, if you get an opportunity to present your ideas in front of many people and learn new technologies, with this thinking Creative Digital Infotech is conducting the One Day Free Workshop on 23, Nov 2019 in Dehradun.

We are inviting all college & institute students, workers and job seekers for joining this interesting platform where you are going to learn about new technologies as well as you can ask questions regarding your career.

Benefits of Workshop

1. Most importantly workshops are meant for growth & enjoyment.
Even if you find your work not improving drastically, you may still have a valuable time attending a workshop.

2. Useful for education, training and group learning.

3. You can learn about a particular subject, learn new projects & methods in order to better you.

What our Purpose:

1. Providing a platform for learning and to hone your skills.
2. You can meet new people and with them, you can share your ideas.
3. Providing you with a platform for presenting your ideas & asking questions in front of many people.
4. A chance of learning & developing. new ideas for college students with their course.

Main Attraction of this Workshop

1. Ethical Hacking.
2. Laravel Framework.